Katy and Danny | Engagement | Cleveland TN Photographer

They met in May of 2012 while Katy was in school for practical nursing and working as a patient care tech at a local hospital. Danny came into the hospital one day and Katy attended to him. They later met for their first date and from then, a romance began to blossom. I am always a softie for romantic hospital stories, especially since my husband is a surgeon. Hearing about people who meet in the cutest ways always warms my heart.

The weather Sunday night was absolutely gorgeous for an engagement session. The bride's aunt had an amazing setting for our pictures. Behind her house was a big field and with all of the planted flowers and walkways around the outside of the house, we didn't have to travel to another location. Her aunt's house provided enough romantic spots. The bride and groom included the groom's son in the shoot and we were able to get some cute family pictures with all three of them.

Towards the end of the session, as I was taking pictures of the bride's ring, I heard her aunt yelling at me to come quick. Of course, my first thought was that something terrible had happened. As I ran over, we could all see a hot air balloon up in the sky. We took some quick shots while the balloon was still in the air. People believe that it is a sign of good luck if it rains on your wedding day. As for me, I believe the appearance of a hot air balloon during this engagement session had to be a blessing from above for this couple. I am so excited to be shooting their wedding in November!