Happy 1st Birthday Emma! | Cleveland TN Photographer

I can't believe it's been a year since this little girl was born. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was taking her newborn pictures. She has grown so much!

The weather was great for this girl's one year old shoot! We had such a great time taking pictures outside, doing her cake smash, and getting all sudsy clean in the bathtub.

I have saved a lot of my toys and furniture from when I was little, and now I use them for props. They were a perfect pairing for Emma's pictures outside. The morning shade created a nice spot out of the sun for all of her pictures. Her mom and I had such fun making her smile and laugh. She had some of the cutest facial expressions, and I was fortunately able to capture a few of them.

After spending about thirty minutes outside, we set up for her cake smash. Since I don't have a home studio, we used the natural light from outside for the cake pictures. She wasn't sure about it about first, but then she had fun scraping the icing off the cake and slinging it around the floor and into her mouth. We had fun getting her to smile while she was digging into her cake.

Her mom gave her about twenty minutes to work on smashing the cake, and then we decided it was time to call it quits and get her cleaned up. I had originally thought about doing a bath in a tub outside, but the large jetted tub in my house has the best natural light in the house. I knew that would be a perfect spot to get pictures of her getting cleaned up. She had a lot of fun playing with some rubber duckies and splashing in the water. However, by the end of the photo session, she was done smiling for us. So we just captured any pictures we could of her playing.

After her bath, we got her dried off and dressed. It was such a successful hour photo session. We were excited with all the pictures we captured of this pretty girl. I know her parents are looking forward to having these photos of their sweet daughter. Happy Birthday to this one year old beauty!