The Kellers | Family Shoot | Cleveland TN Photographer

Nothing is more special than celebrating a new addition to your family. 

I was so excited to finally snap some pictures of this wonderful family! We had originally had this shoot planned a few weeks earlier, but the smoke from the East Tennessee wildfires pushed our plans back a bit.

We were so fortunate to have great weather for this shoot. It was a little chilly so we worked fast in order to get as many shots as we could before little Emma got too cold.

What a cutie pie! On many of the pictures, she kept staring at me and probably thought, "Who is this strange woman with a camera in my face?" Since she was comfortable just hanging out with dad, we got pictures of the two of them first. 

Emma constantly took in her surroundings and looked up a lot at her daddy. She was starting to get a little sleepy, but she did a good job looking at me while I was taking pictures.

The weather continued to be cooperative for us. The last shots we were able to capture were pictures of mom, dad and little Emma.

blog 3.jpg

I am so excited for Michelle and Mike and the new blessing of Emma to their family!