Hicks Family | Lifestyle Shoot

If you have read my past blogs, you will recognize this family. I have been so blessed to continue to take pictures of them. First, with their wedding two years ago, and now with introducing a new baby into their family this year. I am looking forward to taking one year old pictures next year :)

Dylan Hicks was born on July 28, 2017 and weighed in at 6 lbs, 8 oz.

We had originally planned on taking pictures of little Dylan in the hospital when he was born, but as all moms know, we can't control when babies make their appearance. So we decided on a photo session at home with the family after their time in the hospital.

We started with pictures in his nursery, getting shots of his mom holding him and getting some close up shots of Dylan. The light in the nursery was perfect, so this was the best time to shoot.

The next area to take pictures in the house was the living room, with the parents holding Dylan and some pictures of just Dylan and his father. I was also able to capture a special moment with DJ, Dylan's older brother, holding him. During the last part of the session, I captured some pictures of all the members of the family holding Dylan in the nursery.

Throughout this entire session, you could see the love this family has for each other. The bond between them is so strong, and coming away from this session, I know they have a bright future ahead of them.

Welcome to the world Dylan Hicks!