I’m the natural light, candid photographer who will get goofy and make you laugh so you feel relaxed and like yourself in front of my camera. This means I capture natural smiles and true connections!

I’m Erin!

Lifestyle Wedding & Senior Photographer


You could say that photography is in my blood.

I’ve been around photography my whole life! My grandfather never stopped taking photos. I mean it… I have so many Thanksgiving photos of us eating. It drove us crazy at the time, but I love seeing all the memories now! 

Being able to use my grandfather’s ‘83 Nikon camera to carry on what he enjoyed doing means connecting to my past and to my clients.

While I use a digital camera now, my passion for photography started in the dark room, listening to music with just a faint glow of light helping me process images. 

I never counted the exact amount of hours, but I know that many of my weekends in undergrad were spent in the dark room, developing picture after picture while listening to the alternative rock station. Smelling those chemicals was not something I had to get used to over time. I craved them even after I went back to my dorm.

Ever since I caught the photography bug in high school, I couldn’t ever let it go. I just kept taking photos of anything and everything I could. And then I received a special gift - my grandfather’s Nikon F3 film camera that he bought in Hong Kong. 

I loved everything about it: the shiny silver buttons and knobs, the smell of the film cartridge, the feel of the Nikon letters carved out in the body, the clicking sound when you pressed the shutter. I took it to college, and it was the camera I used for my first film photography course. 

My family started to notice my new love for this art, and they have been encouraging me ever since. To this day, I have both my grandfather and great-grandfather’s cameras sitting on my desk. I love knowing that I have taken their same passion and continued to make it an important part of my life.

“I want to create that experience for you,
because YOUR SPECIAL moments are worth celebrating.”

Can we just talk for a quick sec

about how I am such a history nerd and classic movie buff?

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reading all things biographies and real world events.

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reciting all the lines from my favorite black and white movies. I love “Some Like It Hot”!

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History and Hollywood


an original lobby card from the 1959 movie “Pillow Talk” starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson and a console table that belonged to jack lemmon.

I own

On a personal note...

Holding onto heirloom photos is so important, and I want to share my love of photography that has been instilled in me by my family.

My grandmother passed away suddenly when I was 15. When we were cleaning out my grandparents' house, we found a ton of photos of me and my grandmother when I would spend time with her. Having those photos, over 20 years later, allows me to be right back in that place with her. 

I didn't get enough time with my grandmother, and all I have are pictures. The photos I have of her make me feel peaceful, stronger, at ease and confident.

Creating those connections on the other side of the camera is what I am all about. Today is the day because these moments pass and we can not get the time back. 

When clients have been searching for a photographer, they hired me because they “fell in love with my style” or after their session have said that they were “surprised at all of the wonderful shots, especially from the baby who I didn’t think ever cracked a smile.”

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