The Rogers | Family Shoot | Cleveland TN Photographer

As someone who has been a teacher, taking pictures of children is like teaching in the classroom again. You can't help but light up inside and out to see the joy and excitement on children's faces. This is the same feeling I have every time I photograph this family.

You couldn't have asked for better weather for a photo shoot. It was such a beautiful day, and I always enjoy working with this wonderful family. Seeing how these kids grow up is amazing!

We started the shoot by taking some group pictures on the grounds of Southern Adventist University. During one of our pictures, we had some fuzzy and cute visitors from the local creek crash the photo session. The kids chased after some ducks, but unfortunately they ran back to the creek. The parents then had some pictures taken with each of their children, which turned out to be so adorable.

The kids got to run around and just have fun while I snapped pictures. The youngest wouldn't sit still for most of the shoot, but he stopped once for about three seconds and I had my camera ready to go. I believe it was one of the best images from the entire shoot.

rogers 51 mh.jpg

I took some more family pictures, and them moved to another nearby location. I was able to get the parents alone for a few pictures of just them, and we were able to capture a picture of just the kids having fun.

rogers 5 bw.jpg

Taking pictures of this family always bring me joy! I can't wait to see what these children have accomplished when we schedule another shoot next year.